YOHO 4Runner Bed Platform for Car Camping – Perfect Minimalist Solution for Gen 5 & Gen 4 Toyota 4Runner Owners

Lightweight Quick Setup & Take-down Sleeping Platform For Toyota 4Runners

Picked up one of these awesome compact sleeping platforms the other day for my 4Runner and I LOVE IT! Take 4 minutes to setup, its FULL size, meaning Full/Double bed dimensions (54″ wide) so tons of room for two people. You also have the option to only use half it size and use the other half for gear. Perfect for my fly-fishing photography getaways.

YOHO 4Runner Bed Feet

I was debating buying a roof top tent, but they are huge doe, heavy, lump on the roof, etc..

This bed solved that problem, it lightweight, EASY to setup and take down, solid (its REALLY SOLID), doesn’t move when getting in or out and it so compact.

$150, done deal. Enjoy the summer in comfort I say!

Check them out here, https://foxwoodmerchants.com/products/toyota-4runner-bed-platform-5th-gen

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