Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Calgary – Images of Birds, Beast, Wildlife in Calgary, Alberta by Rob McKay


Photographing birds and beasts in Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

From impressive Birds Of Prey, to Whitetail and Mule deer, Coyotes, Beavers, Muskrats, Waterfowl, Wood Ducks, Song Birds, Herons, Shore Birds, Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Osprey and Eagles.

Over the years I have frequented Calgary’s Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (mainly to photograph birds in flight), I was surprised by all the abundant wildlife found in this small bird sanctuary located in the city of Calgary.

Recently I have been copying photos to larger hard drives and thought I should throw down some of my pictures from my Inglewood Bird Sanctuary visits.

Most of these photos are taken before the Calgary Alberta flood of 2013, things have changed since then.

Met some great photo friends there too, good times!

I have literally 1000’s of wildlife photos from the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, here are a few lo res photographs.

male wood duck inflight
male coyote teeth

solitary sandpiper shorebird

mule deer buck

waxwing bird

coyote jumping running

male wood duck in-flight


redhead duck male

deer velvet

hooded merganser inflight

great horned owl

beaver swimming

merlin falcon attacking kingbird

leaping jumping coyote over the grassland

mule deer doe

cold mallard duck drake inflight

northern flicker in the snow

male coyote stares at me as I aproach on the pathway

bohemian waxwing

male wood duck

drake wood duck inflight

porcupine waling accross the lagoon bridge

Kingfisher inflight with a good meal




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