Mitsubishi EVO / Evolution GSR Beast!

In 2014, I bought a new, blue Mitsubishi EVO / Evolution GSR, and then I sold it a year later. Damn, was a beast of a car that I should have kept…..  Last generation of this car before it was discontinued 🙁Read More →

Flat Track Motorcycle Racing - Dirt Track Racing Dinosaur Downs Half Mile

The inaugural Dinosaur Downs Half Mile was held August 19 & 20, 2017 in Drumheller, Alberta featuring some of the best dirt track motorcycle racers in western Canada. Riders competed on six different classes of motorcycles including Modern 250 DTX, Modern 450 DTX, Vintage “A”, Vintage “B”, Vintage 600, and Vintage 750 Twins. Calgary Harley-Davidson sponsored all of the trophies and the prize money for the Modern 450 DTX class and the Vintage 750 Twins class. Cycle Works Indian Motorcycles sponsored the Vintage “B” class.Read More →


I made an impromptu short video of John Campbell doing his thing banding prairie falcons. From last week of what John Campbell does and has been doing for 40 years. This is how John goes over the edge and the tools he uses to do it and inside look at a prairie falcon eyrie. A rusty GoPro and a cell phone movie! Please share!Read More →